Disolving Perspective

This is another very short post because, although I should have flown back from holiday on Friday, I was kindly persuaded (with no resistance on my part at all) to stay on a couple more days.

I noticed this photographer a while back on the 2Modern Blog and thought his work was worth highlighting.

Zander Olsen takes peculiar photos.  Essentially they are photographs of trees in the winter landscape, but there is something about them which is not quite right.  Initially they disorientate in a similar way to dreams and it is difficult to work out what exactly is going on.

He manipulates the natural environment by wrapping parts of the trees in fabric, blurring the boundary between foreground and background, effectively tricking the eye and dissolving the perspective.  He takes his photographs in Surrey, Hampshire and Wales.  Visit his website here.

By the way, if you’d like to see my photos please have a look here.


2 comments on “Disolving Perspective

  1. nymith says:

    Excellent! Very effective. Fascinating what can be done with a camera and some white cloth…

    • Hi nynith – I think we have an over reliance on digital manipulation to create new images. With imagination, simple things can not only look more real but also more interesting by the simple fact that someone actually went out and did it, rather than just sitting at a computer.

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