Humus by Giuseppe Licari

Humus - foto Job Janssen & Jan Adriaans_LR

Humus, by Sicilian artist Giuseppe Licari, is one of fifteen artists’ contribution to the Secret Gardens exhibition at  TENT in Rotterdam.  Massive tree roots are suspended through a false ceiling giving the visitor a completely different view of these giants of the natural world.

I did not seen this exhibition in person (it was on between 05/04/2012 – 10/06/2012), but through these photos from the artist’s website I can imagine that the experience was quite odd, if not melancholic.  Where this sadness comes from I am not sure – is it simply the inevitable loss of the trees (whether they were felled for the exhibition of not), or does it raise a deeper sense of loss.  Maybe you feel differently about it…?

Secret Gardens in TENT - foto Job Janssen & Jan Adriaans (10)

Humus_photo_Aad Hogendoorn

Humus 2012 | Secret Gardens – Tent Rotterdam. Photos by Job Janssen & Jan Adriaans & Aad Hogendoorn. All images and texts are copyright of Giuseppe Licari unless stated differently © 2012.  Images are taken from the website of Giuseppe Licari and will be removed if requested by the artist.


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