Apocalypse by Bill Callahan

Afghanistan, Vietnam, Iran, Native America
Well everyone’s allowed a past they don’t care to mention
America! America!

I have been on the verge of buying this album for a good number of months – I came across it while trying to find contemporary singer/songwriters that don’t fall into the over-produced pop category.  I finally bought it about two weeks ago and have listened to little else since.

Bill Callahan’s voice is deep and resonant, and even when the words are virtually spoken they have a rich lyricism.  Although the album is titled Apocalypse, it probably should have been called America.  The sparse instrumentation has the feel of the “wild, wild country” (as he puts it) or the wide open prairie, yet like the quote above, it is not afraid to be critical of the country it longs for.

I haven’t analysed the songs yet and I don’t really want to, but for me the stand-outs are ‘Drover‘, ‘Baby’s Breath‘ with it’s almost spoken vocal introduction, ‘Riding For The Feeling‘ which, when those words are sung, is achingly beautiful, and ‘America!‘.  All the other songs have their moments which are gradually seeping into my appreciation – a great album indeed.

Apocalypse by Bill Callahan


2 comments on “Apocalypse by Bill Callahan

  1. Thanks for the promt! I have been meaning to expand my Bill and Smog collection so will now act!!! 🙂

    • Hi Dean, thanks for your comment and for following my blog! Apocalypse is my first encounter with Bill Callahan so I’ve nothing else of his to compare it to, but it is a truly great album, I would definitely recommend it!

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