K Workstation

Strong, versatile, quickly replaceable and biodegradable – no, it’s not a new synthetic wonder-material, designed to save the planet and ease the conscience of the eco-minded consumer.  It’s simply bamboo.  Rather than cut down swathes of slow growing forest it’s long been suggested that we should be developing products that utilise the natural characteristics of this currently under-used and extremely fast-growing resource.

K Workstation 1One such product which does so with elegance is the K Workstation by MisoSoupDesign.  Its snaking line is made from bamboo laminated plywood, so (as long as the glue is eco-friendly!) this piece of furniture ticks all the right eco-boxes.  Each section of the workstation is manufactured individually which enables it to be transported easily in bulk, then pieced together when it reaches its destination.  The fact that it can be dismantled suggests that it could be connected in various ways to suite the user – although I’m not sure that this option has been explored in the design.

Is it practical?  Possibly, but I’m not sure.  In terms of its looks, it’s got the necessary minimal cool and I’d certainly be willing to try one out, but it looks as though you’d bang your head every time you got up.  That said, as this product is still in development, I’m sure such problems will be ironed-out as it is perfected and who knows, it may even re-define the office as we  know it.


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