oodesign, Tokyo

Lamp shade shaped Light BulbsLamp shade shaped Light Bulbs 2

I feel as if I’ve stumbled across something quite special, and for once I’m not the last to hear about it!

oodesign (based in Tokyo) have a small but wide ranging body of work, from door handles, to advertising, to children’s toys.  Their work has a pure sensibility, but not in a po-faced or aloof “designer” way – there is humour and a playfulness which is gently applied.  Take the light bulbs (above), shaped just like lamp shades, or the beautiful ripple vase (below).

Ripple Vase

It is the ripple vase which is grabbing the attention at the moment, and you can see why!  They have been flooded with requests from all over the world, but are currently only shipping inside Japan – I think the attention it has attracted has taken them a little by surprise!

So what is oodesign, here’s a quote in English from their mainly Japanese website:-


“oodesign” is named by combining the symbol “oo”, a circle symbol used in Japan as a “wild-card” , with “design”.
The name represents “anything” design.
It expresses our approach in challenging various things without boundaries.

If they capture the interest that has been generated by the vase and maintain their aesthetic with a wider range of products, I think they will have great success in the future.


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