Photographing Water

River 1

Water 1 on Flickr by Prince Cavallo

As a response to last weeks post, which included the Ripple Vase, I thought I’d show a few ripples that I found while walking by a swollen river after a few days of particularly heavy rain.  I have photographed water a number of times – sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.  As with any photograph (or any art), whether it “works” or not is a combination of a whole range of factors which include light and shade, composition, drama, technique – and what works for one person may not for another.

Water has always fascinated me – I grew up by the sea and have seen it’s moods at close hand, it’s constantly changing face, the variety of colours and range of reflected light.  Dark and foreboding one day, clam and inviting the next.  The irregular winds, the currents and forces below the waves, all conspire to create endlessly abstract textures on the surface of the water, so that each shot that does “work” has it’s own unique quality.


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