Huge Staircase

Usually a staircase is built to fit inside a house, but with the Panorama House (in Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea) it looks more like the house has been designed around the staircase.

Staircase 1

In this building the staircase acts as much more than just a way of getting from one floor to another.  It is a multi-functional part of the building – it’s a room divider, a slide, a study, a library,  cinema and, by the way, it’s also a staircase!  The architect was Moon Hoon, the photographs were by Namgoong Sun and I found it on  It’s interesting, but for me it’s a little too dominating for my idea of a comfortable living space – would you like one in your house?

Staircase 2

Staircase 3


2 comments on “Huge Staircase

  1. it depends on how large the house is.

  2. True – I think I’d need one hell of a big house for this one though… 🙂

    Thanks for you comment!

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