Escaping Balloons…?

painting by Jan Heaton

Microbes, escaping balloons, plant cells, algae on water, or Ishihara plates (colour blindness test cards).  Actually it’s none of these – simply diaphanous watercolour paintings.

I am usually indifferent this sort of thing.  For me, vague and insubstantial paintings rarely work – but these paintings, by Jan Heaton, (which are vague and insubstantial) are one of the exceptions.  This is what Jan has to say about them:-

The circular orbs in my current work are simple, bold, direct, sensual, playful and often mysterious. The sphere recalls harmony, rhythm, movement, patterns, and boundless symbolic metaphors. In my work the circle exists independently and in groups, referencing water patterns on a shore, or a rising moon, rounded fruits, or the shape of a flower. The circle reminds me of family and friends, who are very important to my creative process. The times spent in a circle, talking, eating, dancing, playing, telling stories and solving the problems of everyday life. The memories of this connection to the circle are important to me.


2 comments on “Escaping Balloons…?

  1. Jan Heaton says:

    Vague and insubstantial (weak)?…but I get the feeling you might like it.
    Every mark is well orchestrated and has a journey, hopefully one that will bring a moment of tranquility to the viewer. In my world a good path to follow. Enjoy! Jan

  2. Hi Jan, thanks for reading my mini-review. Yes, I do like them 🙂
    Not weak, simply that I couldn’t establish anything beyond the ‘tranquillity’, which is what I usually like. This is not a bad thing at all – there is often to much forced concept in a lot of art.
    I hope you find something else of interest on my blog – it’s a bit of an experiment, a collection of articles on things that attract my wandering attention…

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