Wooden Records

Wooden Record 1This posting leans more towards the “That’s just pointless” and  “Why would you want to do that” category, rather than the “That is beautiful and useful” one.  With reference to another of my postings (‘Years’ by Bartholomaus Traubeck), this posting has a similar wood-based musical theme.

If you are at all inclined to do such a thing, it is possible to make a playable (although that is beyond debatable, it’s an outright lie!) analogue record made from a disc of wood.  You can find out how, through the use of a computer and laser cutter, by looking at this page by amandaghassaei on the Instructables site.

Looks great, sounds awful.

It’s also a great way to bugger-up a perfectly good stylus.

Wooden Record 2

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