Ice on Fleet Pond

With a heatwave sweeping the country over the past couple of weeks, I thought I’d post an icy photograph in an attempt to cool us all down a little.  It has already been the longest heatwave in the past seven years, possibly peaking today at 33 degrees Centigrade (91F) in parts of the U.K. (although it may reach 35C tomorrow!).  Apparently the sunshine will come to an end either tomorrow or the day after, with ‘thundery showers developing’, but it will continue to feel hot and humid (30C).

Weather forecast over – here’s the photo:-

Ice On Fleet Pond

I took Ice On Fleet Pond (Hampshire, England) a few years ago – then with a little post-processing I managed to bring out the fantastic, vivid blue colour, which was not evident in the original photograph.  It is surprising how a little bit of tweaking can transform an otherwise indifferent image into something quite punchy.  It makes you wonder whether any of the photo’s that stand out are left untouched and are simply what was taken by the camera…


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