Bed and Storage

We all have ‘things’, the suff we gather as we go through life – be it books, records, shoes, or whatever we’re into.  It could be anything really, unfortunately it usually just gathers dust and ends up becoming clutter.

The ecological purists would say that we do not need ‘stuff’ and we should learn to live with less.  This is a great edict to aspire to and it is easier now than it has ever been to de-clutter – we can replace physical books with e-books, and records or CD’s with mp3’s.  Decluttering is good but, although it may sound very simple, it is not quite as easy as all that – particularly if it involves the things we love.  We do become attached to objects and for me the very analogue process of playing a record or opening the pages of a book will never fully be replaced by the cold act of pressing a button.

This being the case for many people, effective storage is the only alternative to true clutter-free living.  One solution is the ‘Living Box‘ by Till Könneker.  Not only is there a wall of storage for all the things you want to show off, there is also a space at the back for all the things you don’t, and there is even a bed on top for visitors.  You would need quite a large room to fit it in and, if you have a garden, a ‘lean-to’ would probably be a better idea.  If you don’t have a garden and you do have the room for it, this could be the solution if you really cannot live with less.

Living Box 1

Living Box 2

Living Box 3


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