Banksy Does It Again!

Pre-blog warning – there is an inordinate amount of inverted commas in this posting and an excessive use of the word ‘Brilliant’!!!

Banksy is in the middle of a month-long residency in New York, called Better Out Than In, (well I laughed!) and is busy doing his graffiti all over the city, and not all of it is on the walls.

Some of his more traditional wall-based ‘graffiti’ has already be ‘defaced’ by local graffiti ‘artists’ – a) can you deface graffiti, b) was it intentionally ironic, and c) are you an ‘artist’ if you don’t have a message?  It is interesting that on some internet forums people are arguing that it’s not his ‘turf’ anyway, so he deserves to get his work tagged by the locals (irony intended or not).  Many other people are simply bemused and wonder who Banksy is anyway – where have these people been for the last decade?  Even my Dad rates Banksy!

Anyway, the reason I decided to write this posting was because of his latest brilliant spoof – a man sells original Banksy art on the streets of New York, near Central Park, and hardly anyone notices.  Those that decide to buy a few of them obviously do not believe they are original and casually pay the $60 each (or £37.50) or less, and think nothing more of it.  Their current value on the art market is about $32,000 or £20,000 each!  Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant!  He just keeps on sticking two fingers up at the ‘professional art world’ – this is true graffiti, not pointless scribbles, but subversive and anti-establishment!

I wish I had been in New York on that day – but unfortunately I know that I would have passed by and not taken a second look at the stall.  I would automatically have thought they were prints someone had ripped off the internet.  Watch this video of the one-day-only Banksy art sale, here.

Banksy one-day art saleThe one-day art sale obviously got a lot of news coverage because of the apparently casual way that such a huge amount of valuable art was essentially ‘given’ away.   But he has been doing his art in different districts of the city every day this month, and one of the most hard-hitting so far was about animal cruelty.   It is a mobile piece called ‘Sirens of the Lambs’ and highlights the often terrible conditions that animals are kept in and transported to slaughter houses all over the world.  It will be active for about a week and is, appropriately, circulating the Meatpacking District.  It is apparently very loud and quite unsettling, but yet again, Brilliant! – watch this video.

The Siren of the LambsWith a half a month to go, I’m sure there will be plenty of similarly incisive comments on modern society to come – and I can’t wait!


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