Build Your Own Analogue Synthesizer – Yes, Really!

Ever fancied an analogue synthesizer with a plethora of knobs to fiddle with and patch chords to plug-in and swap around, but with the added connectivity of Midi and USB ports – I know I have!

Well how about building your own?  Sound complicated?  It certainly would be if you had to start from scratch and had as little electronics knowledge as I do!  Well how about buying a synth in kit form?  Even that is quite a daunting proposition if it involves careful soldering – luckily there is another way.

To get over this problem Korg has created a kit version of their recently re-issued MS-20.  The original MS-20 was produced between 1978 to 1983 and was one of their first successful and more affordable synthesizers.  The new MS-20 (the MS-20 Mini – being 86% smaller than the original) was designed with the assistance of the designers of the original MS-20 to ensure that it produces the same sounds as the original. Korg MS-20 MiniThe kit version, also designed with the original designers assistance, clicks and screws together – what and amazing concept!  A simple, plug together fully functioning analogue synthesizer!  My only problem with this idea is – why on earth is the kit version (about £650) more expensive than the ready-made version (about £499)?  The reason has to be because it is limited to only 1000 – that said, personally I would still prefer a factory approved model.  Korg MS-20 Mini kit

William Ørbit, Aphex Twin, Air, Stereolab, Vince Clarke, The Prodigy, OMD, Add N to (X), Daft Punk, Royksopp, The Shamen, Jean-Michel Jarre, and Portishead are just a few of the artists who have used the original MS-20 sound – not a bad line up at all, but an original model would set you back a lot more than the price of the Mini.  If only I had a few hundred pounds to fritter away – either version would be fine by me!

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