Bus Stop Shock

I find that I tune out of most advertising – probably because I’m quite capable of looking for what I want when I want it, thank-you very much!

I think that most people are similar and quite immune to advertising, whether it be on the internet, TV, radio or physical posters – like me they just blank it out.  Of course I might remember an image, or a song might catch my ear, but I am very unlikely to associate it with any particular brand.  For this reason different companies are becoming increasingly inventive in how they attract your attention – this is fine by me, it won’t make me any more likely to buy whatever the brand is selling, but it can be a form of mini-entertainment to pass a minute or two in the day.

A perfect example of this exuberant commercial creativity is demonstrated by a bus stop in London which uses a combination of a digital camera and cleverly arranged graphics to great effect.  People waiting for their bus have been stunned to see a tentacled monster snatch a passer-by, flying saucers invading the capitol, or a giant toy robot destroying the streets, amongst other amusing events.

Watch this promo clip here, and if you’d like a little explanation, here‘s one by the BBC.

Flying Saucers


RobotBy the way – I’ve no idea what it’s advertising…! 😉


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