There is something quite endearing about the absurd, it appeals to a many people on many different levels – it’s why Surrealism is one of the few ever-popular modern art movements.  When the out of place or unexpected is observed in our everyday world it can illuminate what was previously mundane or taken for granted.  By causing surprise or humor the Surreal or out of place can wake us up to appreciating everyday objects again and hopefully casue a ripple in our increasingly ordered lives.

I took this photograph a few years ago while out walking by the sea – two boys were playing on a washed up wreck of a boat and had obviously got their trousers wet.  It was a warm day and they had draped them over the edge of the tilted boat to dry them in the sunshine – the effects was quite unexpected and distinctly Surreal.

The other photo can be found on my Flickr page here.

Trousers 1



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