Transarquitetônica by Henrique Oliveira

I’m beginning to wonder if the theme of ‘the hidden exposed’ or ‘nature unearthed’ is becoming a trend in international art.  This is not the first time that I’ve posted about roots in a gallery.  What is causing this subterranean investigation?  Is it something to do with our current scramble for political transparency, or a general search for the root of things, or is it linked to ever-present environmental concerns?

Transarquitetônica by Henrique Oliveira is a huge installation piece which takes over the MAC (Museu de Arte Contemporânea) in Sao Paulo.  This is by no means Henrique Oliveira’s his first monumental wood-based artistic exploration, as can be seen on his website, but this one you can enter and explore both the outside and the inside.

Just like the two different ways to view this piece, I have two different views on the feel of it (from the comfort of my living room – I’d love to experience it first hand, but Sao Paulo is a long and expensive flight from the UK!).  It’s natural aesthetic draws me to it, yet it’s mammoth, almost bloated scale makes me quite wary of it.  The interior of the piece makes you feel you are entering the burrow of a giant mole or a well worn cave, but when it evolves into crude basement-like building material, then concrete blocks, you might feel as though you are entering into a horror movie.  Whichever view you take of it, it is certainly interesting!

Photos by Elaine Maziero.

Henrique Oliveira - Transarquitetonica 1

Transarquitetonica 1a

Henrique Oliveira - Transarquitetonica 2

Transarquitetonica 4

Transarquitetonica 5

Transarquitetonica 6

There is also an article about the exhibition on designboom.


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