Reflected Trees by Prince Cavallo

Having posted and written about a number of my photographs on this blog, I have noticed that I tend to gravitate towards a couple of points of interest that can be seen as interrelated.  One is nature – how can anyone not be in awe of the natural world and the beauty of it’s complexity; another is decay – the tragedy of decay heightens our appreciation of beauty because we know that nothing last for ever, nature sees to that; and third is the odd – if an image is not beautiful, in subject or composition, then surely it should be odd to catch the eye.  If a photograph is not one of these things, or a combination of them, then for me it has little interest.  A photograph needs to be arresting in some way or it is merely dull.

The photograph I have chosen this week is largely nature orientated, although it does have a touch of the odd about it.  The muddy bank and the short posts are in focus, so technically they should be the subject of the photograph; yet the shimmering, out-of-focus reflection of the trees (which are themselves physically out of shot) are, as the title suggests, the true point of interest in this picture.

The fact that the beauty of the shot is distorted and half-seen gives it an air of mystery, and the muddy bank grounds the image literally to an earthy reality.  Without the muddy bank I don’t think the photograph would work half as well and it would probably be an abstracted mess of a photograph – or maybe it is anyway; beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Reflected Trees by Prince Cavallo


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