Photographs by Oleg Oprisco

In my previous post I noted that for me an interesting photograph needs to be either beautiful of odd (or both, of course).  Because of the immeasurable amount of images we see on a daily basis, often without even consciously recognising them, a photograph needs to grab the attention of the viewer in a striking way and different photographers approach this problem in vastly different ways.  I like to find the out of place or an unusual composition that is there without my interference, so I rely on my sensibility in seeing things in a particular way – a photographic equivalent of the ready-made.  Other photographers like to be more in control and create their visions through meticulous staging.  One such photographer is the Ukranian Oleg Oprisco who creates perfectly composed dream-like scenes which combine the jarring unreality of surrealism with the romance of the fairytale in equal measure.







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