Abyss Table by Duffy London

The sea has always held a fascination for me – its dark mysterious depths, like an alien world within our own, accessible only with the cumbersome support of our own ingenious technology. Sometimes the sea is placid and serene, inviting and benign; at others it is powerful and aggressive, clawing at the edges of our fragile land.  Used for millennia as a way of transporting goods and people, a way of connecting the known-world for trade and the yet-to-be-known world for exploration.

Yet it is also the graveyard of as many dreams and plans and who knows what knowledge is now lost to the inaccessible depths (The Antikythera mechanism is a perfect example of what ancient secrets may still be hidden). How about taking a rectangular section of that mysterious world and placing it in your living room?  The Abyss Table by Duffy London uses the contours of the seabed as inspiration for a three-dimensional map-like table of the ocean floor.  At first I thought they had used resin to create the see-through part of the table, but in fact they use layered glass.  It is contained by cut wood to create the contoured effect, the glass darkens with each layer, forming the illusion of the depths of the sea. It is a coffee table like no other (and of course with a price to match!) and it is by far the most interesting thing created by Duffy London. It is limited to 25 editions, it’s dimensions are (L)160cm (W)80cm (H)46cm) and it costs £5,800 (exc. VAT) – I’ll have two! Duffy London - Abyss Table 1 Duffy London - Abyss Table 2 Duffy London - Abyss Table 3 Duffy London - Abyss Table 5   First seen on designboom here.


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