Shukhov Tower Saved – Possibly

As an update to a previous posting (Shukhov Tower Under Threat of Demolition) I am pleased to report that this elegant and iconic structure has been recognised as culturally important by Moscow’s municipal authorities.  I quote from an article in The Guardian (dated 19th August 2014):-

In a rare step by municipal authorities to preserve historical architecture, Moscow’s city hall drafted an order on 10 July stating that the location, architectural composition, unique engineering solutions and original steel beams of the distinctive hyperboloid tower should be preserved.

The article (by Alec Luhn, which you can read here), although generally positive, is also quite cautionary – for a start, Sergi Arsenyev (vice-president of the Shukhov Tower Foundation) states that 135m rubles (£2.2m) are needed for urgent repair and restoration. It then ends with an ominous note from Arsenyev about the cultural heritage order – it “greatly decreases the chances they will move the tower to a new place, but can’t completely exclude it, because in Russia any document can be got around.”


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