Japanese Manhole Covers

Finding unusual and beautiful things should be a more widely appreciated pursuit.  Some such things are on our very doorsteps or in front of our own faces yet we don’t always recognise them.  Others are scattered across the globe and may take a little bit of investigation to discover.  Either the old-fashioned way by personally visiting different places around our incredible planet; or vicariously, through word of mouth; or via the amazing window on the world that is the world-wide web.

This one is definitely a word of mouth discovery (with a bit of technology thrown in):- a friend of a friend’s husband is Japanese and when visiting Japan for the first time she was struck by the elaborately decorated manhole covers (probably because in the UK they are very plain).  On her return she showed my friend some images (via the power of the internet), who then in-turn showed me last weekend.  Now I’m showing you and if you like them please do pass it on.

By the way, these are just a small selection:-

Japanese Manhole Covers 1

Japanese Manhole Covers 8

Japanese Manhole Covers 2

Japanese Manhole Covers 3

Japanese Manhole Covers 4

Japanese Manhole Covers 5

Japanese Manhole Covers 7



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