Cataclysm Happens by Evgeny Kazantsev

Evgeny Kazantsev (a Russian digital artist/graphic designer) has produced a series of images which ponder how the world would look if the extremes of climate change were inflicted on highly recognisable places around the world.

Called the ‘Cataclysm Happens‘ series, the images are quite striking and I find the ones featuring famous architecture to be the most effective.Evgeny Kazantsev Cataclysm Happens - VeniceBeing a variation on a view of Venice this image obviously has parallels to Canaletto‘s work which has been projected into a drought inflicted future.Evgeny Kazantsev Cataclysm Happens BarcelonaBarcelona is a beautiful city, but not in this alternative future – desert winds whip a sandstorm around Gaudi‘s Sagrada Familia.Evgeny Kazantsev Cataclysm Happens MoscowCrowds gather around St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow to witness a striking demonstration of the Northern Lights, normally restricted to the very north of the country in the arctic circle.

These images are quite striking in their exaggerations, they are obviously amusing and reminded me of The Day The Earth Caught Fire or any number of other climatic disaster movies; but they also remind us how easily our apparently stable world can change through our own negligence and arrogance if we let it.


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