Carved-Out Caves in New Mexico

Imagine creating your own cave – I don’t mean simply finding a pre-existing cave and decorating it in your own style.  I mean actually digging the space out of a hillside; and as you are doing it carving intricate patterns onto the walls to form beautiful, naturally lit, subterranean halls and corridors.  Created entirely by hand, by one man with no formal training; this is a form of archeological self-expression – an intricate and vast sandstone grotto in the desert of New Mexico.

This is the art of Ra Paulette – there not a lot more for me to say about this, but to simply leave you with a few images and a link to his website, here; and to a trailer for what looks like an interesting film about the man and his process, here).

Cave 1

Cave 2

Cave 3

Cave 4

Cave 5

Cave 6

Cave 7

Cave 8

Cave 9

Cave 10