A Christmas Gift for…

It’s not uncommon to know someone in our circle of friends that many people would class as a little on the unusual side. In fact that person may be a member of your own family, or even the person currently reading this post (although, whether they would admit it is another matter).

I’m talking about the sort of person who avoids the easy to digest trappings of popular entertainment (mainstream television, popular music, glossy magazines) and prefers to follow their own more obscure interests. They seek out the forgotten or maligned, rather than be told what to see, hear or read via mass media.

I am one of those people, so I know that it can be a very, very lonely road. It is a road littered with conversational dead-ends, misunderstandings and the blank stares of incredulity. If you are at all inclined to the obscure, then this is what you have to expect. The majority of people are simply not so lucky…

Anyway, the reason for this post is the simple suggestion of a Christmas gift for the aforementioned afflicted. There are few things in this world quite as obscure and neglected as the little book of extremely short stories I wrote and published earlier this year.

‘The Cenotaph of Dreams’ is the ideal gift for anyone who would like something a bit on the quirky side. It’s full of great stories bursting with strange ideas and bizarre situations and is definitely a gift that nobody else will have.

‘The Cenotaph of Dreams’ by Prince Cavallo can be easily bought through Amazon as either an ebook or a slim but elegant paperback – Here for the UK, and Here for the USA, I believe it is also available on the majority of other Amazon Stores. Your Christmas conundrum has been solved!

News Flash – I’ve just completed my first Author Interview!

This is quite exciting – I’ve recently answered a series of questions about being an author and the subject of my first book ‘The Cenotaph of Dreams‘ (click on the title to link to the Amazon.co.uk author’s page and this one for the Amazon.com site).

If you’d like to read the interview and find out a bit about the book, it’s genesis and inspiration, or a little more about me for that matter, please follow this link. If you like what you read, or know someone who might be interested, please share it on any social media you can think of – there’s nothing like a bit of free publicity, is there! Thank-you!

The book is available as an e-book and as a paperback from the Amazon Kindle Store.

‘The Cenotaph of Dreams’ by Prince Cavallo

I have an announcement to make.

This is not really the sort of thing that I do at all. Generally I write about oddities and obscurities that interest me on this blog. I don’t really do self promotion, via any medium, let alone broadcasting to the world through the power of the internet – but here goes (let’s hope someone sees it!).

Announcement:- I have written a book of extremely short stories called ‘The Cenotaph of Dreams‘ (Amazon UK). Here’s a link to the Amazon.com page:- Cenotaph of Dreams. It is available as an e-book and also as a proper actual physical paperback book (I really can’t believe it!).

There we go. I’ve said it. It’s taken years of procrastination and writing and more procrastination, but finally I’ve done it, I’ve published something that people I don’t know can actually read. Scary stuff!

The book consists of twenty-eight experiments in brevity, with each story precisely one hundred and fifty words long; but where there is an economy of words, there is an excess of imagination.

In ‘The Cenotaph of Dreams‘ someone is buried and something is dug up, not all weather is meteorological, and you should be very wary of your pets. It is at turns phantasmagorical and unsettling, with close relations to the strange story, the weird tale, time travel, dreampunk (maybe, maybe not!), the uncanny and probably a host of other sub-genres of speculative fiction.

To acquire your twenty-eight doses of flash fiction the medication can be purchased for as little as £1.45 for the e-book and only £3.75 for the full strength paperback (which is, of course, the recommended prescription).

Here’s a link to the author’s page (Amazon UK), or here for Amazom.com – it contains the book in both formats and a short but revealing biography. By the way, I would be extremely grateful for any re-postings, mentions, shared links, tweets, reviews, or simply passing this on to someone who might be interested – every little helps!

Also, if you would like a signed edition of the paperback book please do get in touch.